Too Many Options?


The world is your oyster…

I want to train to be a doctor.
Or a dentist.
A vet.
(Maybe I’ll do all three, but which one should I do first?)

I want to get married.
But I hear single life is better.
Can’t I do both?
That’s called cheating…

I want to have lots of children.
Actually, I only want one child.
Better yet, I’ll have no children. You can’t rule the world with children clinging to your apron strings.

Maybe I won’t rule the world, and I’ll have those children, after all.
I’ll have my first child once my career has got going.
Or maybe it’s best to have them before I start my career.
I don’t want a career. I’ll stay at home with the children.
I want to get a job. Get away from the children or I’ll drive myself insane.

I’ll go to university and get a first in English.
I’ll travel first, though. For one year, or perhaps three.
I don’t want to work for more than four hours a week.
I want to be rich.
I’m going to be the greatest entrepreneur you’ll ever want to meet. Or be.

I don’t want to go out.
I don’t want to stay in.
I want to go out and stay in at the same time. Is that possible?

Don’t you long for the days when some of these things weren’t an option? When the choice was not yours to be made?

A career was for life. Not for two or three years.
A marriage was for life. (for better or worse…)
Children were expected, if you could have them.
University was for the few and not the many.
If you couldn’t afford to go out, you didn’t go out.

Simple, right?

With freedom comes responsibility…

Don’t we know it…


2 thoughts on “Too Many Options?

  1. Some argue that being able to choose from a limited amount of options is a restriction on individual freedom, but sometimes I can’t help thinking just like what you described: whether people could be happier and have a better life if they had less to choose from. With an overwhelming amount of choices comes a much greater pressure towards making the “right choice”, if such a thing exist. I wonder how much of the rise in mental suffering and mental health issues comes from this type of self-imposed pressures… and hearing people say they’d rather have someone else making decisions for them isn’t entirely uncommon.
    (disclaimer: I currently don’t have an opinion either way, there are good and bad points towards both sides of the argument)


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