When You’re Too Nice…

Saying No

When you’re too nice, you spend most of your time doing other people’s jobs.
“You need to leave work early? Okay, I’ll finish your paperwork for you.”
“Really, you don’t mind?”
“No, go on. You need to spend some time with your wife.”
Co-worker scurries out of office.
I’ll complete his work first. Then, I’ll move onto mine. I should get home at least ten minutes before the children go to bed.

When you’re too nice, you never voice your opinion.
“I hate this president.”
He seems okay, actually. “Yeah, he’s the worst.”
“He obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing.”
Actually, he seems to be doing a good enough job. “I know. He’s useless.”

When you’re too nice, you let people unload on you. All. Of. The. Time.
“So, I haven’t told you what he did yesterday, have I?”
Shake head.
“Well, he forgot to pick the children up from school, so I had to leave work early to do it, and when I came home, I realised that he hadn’t done the weekly shop, so I had to do it. He didn’t have his mobile on, so I couldn’t contact him, and-
The doctor walks in. “The patient needs her rest now. Thanks for coming to visit her everyday. I’m sure she appreciates it.”
“No problem. I like talking to her.”


When you’re too nice, you never make a choice of your own.
“Shall we go to the cinema or stay in tonight?”
Shrug shoulders. “It’s up to you. I don’t mind.”
“Pizza or Chinese takeaway?”
“I don’t mind. What do you think?”
Rolls eyes. “Should we try for a baby tonight?”
“Um, yeah. If that’s what you want, I’m game.”

When you’re too nice, you apologise for everything, especially when it isn’t your fault.
“That job interview was a complete waste of time. I shouldn’t have listened to you when you said I had a chance of getting it.”
“I’m sorry.”
“And now I’ve been humiliated. It’s going to take me weeks to get over this. How could you?”
“I really thought you were ready. Did you go over the interview notes?”
“I can’t believe you’re trying to turn this around and blame it on me. I knew I wasn’t ready.”
But you said that you were. That’s why I said you should go for it. “I’m sorry.”

When you’re too nice, you don’t admit when somebody has hurt your feelings.
“I don’t know how to say this, but I actually wanted Claire to come with me.”
“Oh right. Okay.”
“You’re sweet in your way, but you’re a bit boring.”
Nods head in agreement.
“You don’t say very much, and I just know that Claire would have had me in stitches by now.”
“Yeah, you’re right. She’s very funny.”


When you’re too nice, you go to great lengths to avoid conflict.
“So, he’s leaving you tonight?”
“To live with his mistress?”
“And he’s taking the children with him?”
“And you’re not going to do anything?”
“I’ll wait until tomorrow. Then I’ll act.”

Are you a people pleaser?

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